Internal Hardwood Doors

Internal Hardwood Doors in Surrey and London

A-Spec Carpentry provide an excellent variety of glazed and panelled hardwood door designs, as well as mobility sizes and bi-fold doors which are ideal for small spaces and wardrobes. If you choose the Dordogne Oak door, we have every size and style available.

Our glazed doors are provided with glass toughened to BS EN 12600 or BS EN 12150.

There are advantages in choosing an engineered construction for your hardwood doors:

1. Better colour matching for each door
It is far easier to colour match veneers than it is to do so on solid timber components.

2. Better for the environment
The quantity of timber used to make 1 solid door would produce enough veneers to make at least 10 engineered doors.

A-Spec solid oak doors are of a tongue and groove construction and come with with glued and nailed ledges. Our hardwood internal door veneers are made from either oak, or a combination of oak and local hardwood insets.

Finishing information

All our hardwood internal doors are ready for finishing with varnish or stain. Please don’t use waxes, polishes, and oils should on our hardwood doors. They do not seal the door properly and can cause veneer delamination.

Only the Solid Rustic Oak ledged internal door can be finished with varnish, stain, oil or wax.

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Internal Hardwood Doors in Surrey & London