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We have a wide array of options available for your decking, whether you are looking for solid wood decking, timber decking, hardwood timber decking or if you’re just not quite sure, then you are in the right place. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a solution to maximise your external space and in turn, adding value to your property with decking that looks classy and modern. In addition to this, there are many modifications we can incorporate including; stain colours, custom lighting or railings; for that added charm and individuality suited to you.

Softwood Timber Decking

Softwood is the cheaper option but requires more maintenance than your hardwood decking. This type of decking is cut from trees that grow quicker, for instance evergreen coniferous trees as they are more economical in terms of replanting and these are usually sourced from throughout Europe.

Hardwood Timber Decking

Hardwood decking is a more expensive option, but it is more durable and less maintenance is required than softwood decking. The timber is sourced from broadleaved trees which have a slow growth span, hence the costlier price tag. This is the most popular for high end properties as it is undeniably beautiful and adds such character or can be used to modernise any external area.

Production Process

Although there are different visual aesthetics when differentiating between the two types of decking, it is all down to personal choice, however, regardless of your choice; with the correct care and maintenance, your decking can last for up to 30 years. For complete peace of mind, all the timber decking we source and use is FSC approved. Although softwood and hardwood decking have many differences; cost, visual, durability, etc, they are still manufactured in the same way and are delivered to site, packaged and ready for installation.

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We want to help you expand and improve your living space and decking is the most cost effective way of adding space for all to enjoy. Here at A-Spec, we have installed thousands of metres of decking over the years and due to the practicality and durability of timber decking, and from turning dreams in to a reality; we continue to keep securing repeat business as well as many recommendations and outstanding reviews from our valued customers.

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