Ready to Get Started ?

A loft conversion is an excellent addition to your home. Not only will it give you more space but you’ll improve the value, give your home better storage and can even improve the energy efficiency. . If you’ve decided to take the plunge and feel a loft conversion is right for you then get in touch and get ready to make the most of your home! Contact us on 01483 301673 or and we’ll be happy to book an appointment to get started.

How Does The Process Work?

The initial discussion

First things first, we’ll discuss your requirements and needs in detail. This gives us a chance to take a look at your property, get to discuss any specific details about the project that you have and answer any queries and questions. By working closely with you we’re able to bring your vision to life, in a way that’s practical and fits your budget. Once we know exactly what you want, we can provide you with a detailed estimate of costs and ensure that you’re happy with the breakdown of all components and labour.

The design process

Now the fun can begin, our experienced team are able to start the design drawings which will allow you to properly visualise what the finished space will look like. Once you have clear, professional photos it’s easier to spot changes and tweaks you’d like to make and these can then be incorporated into a final design drawing.

Planning permissions

In most cases you won’t require a full planning application to have your loft converted. However, there are exceptions such as if you live in a listed building or conservation area. If you do need to go through a full planning application we’re able to advise you on this, you may need a building regulations application. This just ensures that building regulations are used and that any work done meets the set standards for the design and construction of buildings. While it can add a little extra time onto the project it’s not a huge issue and we can let you know the best ways to approach it.

Gaining a party wall agreement

When you’re planning on having your loft converted, you have to give any adjoining owners notice. So depending on the type of property you live in and whether you have an adjoining wall, this is another requirement that needs to be fulfilled. But again, we can help with gaining your neighbours consent

Safety regulations

A safe loft conversion is our top priority, and all of our work conforms with safety and fire safety regulations. In some cases, it will mean installing new fire-resisting doors and/ or partitions to protect the stairway since escaping through a window from so high up isnt an option. This will be discussed at your appointment, giving you peace of mind and the costs all being accounted for.

Getting Started

With everything in place the real work can begin- all you’ll need to do is sign a final build contract and we can get to work transforming your space. The time the work takes will have been discussed with you beforehand, to check that you’re happy and that everything fits within your schedule. A project manager will make regular visits to check on your project and always be available if there’s anything you need to know.

The Final Details

Once your stunning new loft conversion is all finished, the Local Authority building control officer will make a final inspection and report. The loft conversion will need to be signed off by Building Control and you’re all done and dusted. You have a brand new space to enjoy as a hobby room, office, spare bedroom or whatever else you need the space for.

Final Handover

With everything finished we’re able to put together your guarantee pack, including your 10-year structural guarantee. It’s highly unlikely you will experience any issues, but if you do simply give us a call and we’ll put right any issues.

Why A-Spec ?

As experienced carpenters and joiners, we’re able to use our knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional quality loft conversions regardless of how big or small your project is. We’re trusted professionals with and outstanding reputation, making sure that all works are completed on time and to the highest standard.