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With our help it’s so easy for you and your loved ones to start making the most of your family home. Having an empty loft can be such a waste of valuable space, as the top of your house could be converted into a whole new room that you can utilise for years to come. So, how do you go about converting your loft space? There are just a few simple steps that can be followed to help transform your unused space into an amazing extra room, so read on to uncover exactly how we can help you today.

Services we undertake throughout your loft conversion

The first step that is taken to start the process of converting your loft space is the creation of a detailed design that includes each feature and specification of your new room as well as an accurate floor plan that can represent exactly how the space can be utilised. You will get the opportunity to converse with some of the most reputable professionals in the industry to help them understand your vision for your loft conversion, and they can then take this information on board to turn your dreams into a reality. If at any point you are not happy with the plans, then it’s simple to get in touch and make a revision to better suit your needs. Your loft conversion has to suit your own individual requirements, and we understand the importance of creating a unique and functional space.

The next step involves a little bit of mathematics to calculate where weight bearing beams and support must go, as there’s always a focus on making safety a number one priority throughout your loft conversion. Your loft may need an extra helping hand when it comes to structural integrity, so these calculations help us to identify exactly how we can make your loft space as strong and sturdy as possible.

Once all of the designs, floor plans and calculations have been configured, now is the time to submit your information to the council to gain their approval as well as potential planning permission for your build. We’ll be able to figure out which of these certificates you need for your conversion as this depends upon the extremity of your project, as often simple loft space work won’t come with the need to seek planning permission as no heavy building work must be done to reach your goals.

Throughout your entire project, a team of specialists will be on constant watch to make sure your loft conversion is heading in the right direction. From independent building control to professional surveyors, we make sure that each and every step is looked over by a second pair of eyes to ensure the highest quality for every build. Whether you’re converting your loft space into an extra master bedroom, creating a chill space to reach new levels of relaxation or want to build an amazing office in which you can really focus, we guarantee to transform your loft space using the best standards whilst emphasising the need for even the smallest of details.

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