Property Development Guildford

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Property Development Guildford

New Road, Wonersh, Guildford
Contract Value – 200k
Property Value – 800k
Contract Duration – 4 months

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Project Description

In-house development, originally a one bedroom bungalow in a popular area in Wonersh, Guildford, Surrey. A-Spec purchased this property as an in-house development. Our plan was to develop the property within keeping to the character of surrounding properties. Once planning permission was granted this development would consist of five bedrooms, one family bathroom, one ensuite, one cloakroom, open plan kitchen with living area and a full media room. A full reconstruction of the rear landscape was undertaken which consisted of softwood decking throughout with a staircase dropping down into the grassed area of the property also a purpose built studio office was constructed within the grounds which was finished with red cedar cladding and a pitched roof construction. The main roof to the property was removed and attic trusses were installed with four projecting dormers finished with locally sourced green oak. External windows were also removed and replaced to increase the heating values to the property.

Once completed this property was in high demand and this is currently rented. All these works were completed as per the timescale set out in the Construction program, within the desired outlined budget and pre-agreed contract value.

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