Property Refurbishment Guildford

Property Refurbishment Guildford

Agraria Road, Guildford,
Contract Value – 15K
Contract Duration – 2 Weeks

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Project Description

As a longstanding member of FMB which monitor our workmanship, customer service, a private client approached A-Spec for a ground floor construction refurbishment project. Works undertaken at this property were to remove a structural internal wall which required a new supporting steel beam spanning the width of the property. Installation of new pad stones were also required to support the steel beam, removal and replacement of all the ground floor softwood doors and blocking up existing openings which were not required anymore. A-Spec undertook various second fix carpentry which included new skirting and architrave throughout, also our new range of engineered wood flooring was installed with a high level of eco underlay to insulated as the original floor design did not hold any value. Due to the nature and removal of items listed above additional electrical sockets and switches where installed to our client design.

All these works were completed as per the timescale set out in the Construction program, within the desired outlined budget and pre-agreed contract value. Client liaison was prominent to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the project.

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