Structural Floor and Roof Work Wimbledon

Structural Floor and Roof Work Wimbledon

The Drive, Wimbledon, London
Contract Value – 60k
Contract Duration – 3 months

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Project Description

All works to this property based in Wimbledon, Surrey, were to be completed without change to the facade of the building due to planning restrictions which cohere with the listed building regulations.

A-Spec were recognised as a CHAS approved sub-contractor and therefore were selected as a trusted and perfect company for this project and were employed accordingly, as a contract carpentry sub-contractor to design a productive method to supply and fit a structural floor over three levels and to make adjustments to the existing roof framework. Materials used on this project were new Eco joists and water resistant 22mm chipboard flooring. Due to the nature of this project a perimeter 50x200mm C16 pressure treated structural timber was resin bolted to the internal wall to support this new floor design. Furthermore, additional timber bracing was fixed through the webbing of each joist to prevent twisting and bowing to each timber joist.

All these works were completed as per the timescale set out in the Construction program, within the desired outlined budget and pre-agreed contract value. Client liaison was prominent to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the project.

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