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Bespoke Roof Construction Berkshire

A-Spec Ltd are fully accredited roof carpenters providing roof construction services for contractors, developers, local authorities, businesses and private clients in Berkshire.

Berkshire Roof Construction

A-Spec Ltd is a team of qualified roof carpenters providing bespoke roof carpentry in Berkshire.


Working with contractors, developers, architects, local authorities & private clients.

Over 20 Years Experience

A-Spec Ltd is comprised of two specialist divisions; carpentry and construction.

Fully Accredited Company

We are Trustmark endorsed, accredited by The Federation Of Master Builders & CSCS certified.

Specialist Roof Construction Berkshire

Roof carpentry solutions for residential and commercial projects in Berkshire and surrounding areas.

A-Spec Ltd provide residential and commercial roof construction Berkshire for contractors, house builders, local authorities, businesses and private clients. This includes custom roof structures and framing packages for both pitched roof construction and flat roof construction projects.

Our team of roof carpenters are fully accredited, qualified and have over 20 years of experience. We are accredited with The Federation Of Master Builders and Trustmark Endorsed. We can operate as the primary contractor or undertake a subcontractor role as part of a larger development project.

Our roof construction services include but are not limited to the construction of flat roofs, pitched roofs, gable roofs, hipped roofs, mansard roofs, dutch roofs, gambrel roofs, loft dormer roofs, clerestory roofs, curved roofs, dome roofs, parapet roofs and much more. 

Our aim is to provide an totally bespoke solution that is customised around your exact specification. If you are looking for roof construction in Berkshire, contact our management team today. From here our team can obtain the information needed to provide a free quotation and discuss next steps.

Roof Construction Berkshire | Roof Carpenters Berkshire | A-Spec Ltd

Have a project that requires roof carpentry in Berkshire? Speak to our team!

Berkshire Roof Construction Services

We work with contractors, house builders, architects, local authorities, businesses & private clients.

Pitched Roof Construction Berkshire | Pitched Roof Carpenters Berkshire | A-Spec Ltd

Pitched Roof Construction

We undertake all types of pitched roof construction such as single pitch and dual pitch designs. Here at A-Spec Ltd we provide bespoke pitched roofing packages that include everything from custom pitch roof design right the way through to pitch roof construction. If you would like to discuss your project in more detail, contact our team today.

Flat Roof Construction Berkshire | Flat Roof Carpenters Berkshire | A-Spec Ltd

Flat Roof Construction

Flat roof construction is generally less expensive to construct, with a shorter construction period compared to a pitched roof design. Internal space is not compromised given the reduced roof rafters pitch angles. A flat roof construction has the benefit of being utilised as an outside space, providing planning stipulations are agreed and supporting walls are checked and safe to carry the weight of a solid decking floor.

Gable Roof Construction Berkshire | Gable Roof Carpenters Berkshire | A-Spec Ltd

Gable Roof Construction

A gable roof construction is a great way of adding space, character and help increase house ventilation. Not only is a gable roof a great way of enhancing the aesthetics, but is also very weather resistant. Due to the sloping sides of the gable roof structure, it prevents the build-up of rain or snow. Gable roofs are constructed with two sides and a gable either end.

Hipped Roof Construction Berkshire | Hipped Roof Carpenters Berkshire | A-Spec Ltd

Hipped Roof Construction

A hipped roof construction requires a complex system of rafters or trusses. Although more difficult to construct than a gabled roof, there are various finishes that can be designed to any project specification (in keeping with building regulations and planning permission, as required.) A hip roof is reliable against the elements and due to the angle of the sloped roof, there is no water accumulation and a minimal amount of maintenance is required.

Truss Roof Construction Berkshire | Truss Roof Carpenters Berkshire | A-Spec Ltd

Truss Roof Construction

Standard truss rafters are the most popular roof construction method when constructing a new roof structure, due to having easy access for heating pipes, electrical wires, etc. Roof trusses are usually slightly more expensive, due to the lengths of timber required to construct the truss. However, you will save costs on labour and time when choosing roof trusses.

Attic Truss Construction Berkshire | Attic Truss Carpenters Berkshire | A-Spec Ltd

Attic Truss Construction

Attic trusses are a great way to expand living space. Truss rafters are cut, treated and manufactured in the factory before being transported to site. The erection of each attic truss is hauled in, usually with the use of a crane. All trusses are prefabricated, which means they are kiln dried and treated to ensure all the air is removed. All timber is treated with an insecticide to minimise any little critters setting up camp in your new truss rafters.

Recent Roof Construction Projects

A selection of residential and commercial projects completed by our team.

Horton Road, London

Common Road, Reigate

Stoke Road, Kingston

Why Choose A-Spec Ltd For Roof Construction?

Roof Carpenters In Berkshire

A-Spec Ltd provide specialist roof construction Berkshire serving residential and commercial sectors. Our clients include a range of contractors, developers, local authorities, businesses and private clients.

We accept enquiries throughout Berkshire including but not limited to Reading, Slough, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Newbury, Woodley, Windsor, Thatcham, Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Ascot, Twyford and all surrounding areas.

If you have a project and would like to explore the possibility of working together, then click the button below to talk to our management team today.

Specialist Roof Construction Berkshire

A-Spec Ltd are fully accredited and highly rated roof carpenters providing bespoke residential and commercial hand cut roof construction packages throughout Berkshire and surrounding areas.